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Content we will not Host


We do not host sites whose primary purpose is the distribution of  pornography, or content that caters to a prurient interest.

Adult content absolutely has its place on the Internet, but that place is not here.

Luckily, there are hundreds or thousands of sites that will eagerly host your content for free. 

We do not allow doxxing.
Billy Badguy may be awful, he may have power, and he may be abusing his power terribly.  Saying so is fine.   Documenting his bad behavior is great.
Going on to say that he lives at 123 Any Street and his children attend Innocent Elementary and it would be awful if something happened to them is the sort of behavior that will get you turned off immediately.
Do not engage in illegal activities on our platform.
Arguing that certain varieties of plants should be legal is fine; actively shipping seeds of those plants across state lines is not.
Do not spam.  Do not scam others.  Do not engage in fraud

Be careful about content that might constitute personal attacks or libel – giving examples of why others should avoid your former business partner along with supporting evidence is fine; cyber-shaming your former lover with accusations or lascivious content is prohibited.

Content that exposes misconduct by powerful people is fine.  Publicly embarrassing those without power to satisfy a personal grudge is not.

We believe very strongly in freedom of speech, and this site exists to take an active role in protecting speech that is unfashionable.  In the great majority of cases we will help you host your content here even if we disagree vehemently with your opinions, your goals, and your way of expressing yourself. 

We reserve the right to refuse to host content that is simply beyond the pale.  This is a hard line to define other than resorting to Justice Stewart’s “I know it when I see it.”  Documenting atrocities committed by nation states that nobody else will cover, including videos of horrible acts?  That’s fine. Misdeeds need to be called out.  Those same videos, in a context of celebrating the violence inflicted on (presumably) innocent people, or taking a certain joy in the excitement those videos make you feel?  You will need to find a new host.