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Free Speech with worldwide reach

We will not silence you just because we don’t like your opinions.  We will not censor you because your opinions are unpopular.  You can speak freely here.

Veteran Owned

We started this business because we are firm believers in individual rights - those defined in the Bill of Rights, and those hinted at in the 9th and 10th Amendments.

Hosting for Non-Geeks

By default we handle the back-end work for you. Software updates, upgrades, security, performance tweaking and performance monitoring. We handle it all. You can focus on your message instead of the tech. If you want to handle the tech yourself that's fine too.

American Staff

We are based in Rural America. Everyone you deal with is a native English speaker

Easy Site Building

We include SitePad in every package.  If your needs are simple, you can log into your control panel and use an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.  Easily build a full-featured web site using the included components.  More than 600 themes and 40 components are there for customization.  Click here for a full list of included tools.

Easy WordPress

We built this platform specifically for WordPress.  We have been using and supporting WordPress for more than a decade.  We are happy to handle all the details for you.  Installation, updates, performance optimization, plugin installation, and backups are included in your package.  We will even migrate your existing WordPress installation for free.

Content management systems like Joomla and WooCommerce will also perform exceptionally well on our platform.

More Ambitious?

Want your own server or VPS on its own segregated network?  Have a big community planned?  Reach out.  We can collaborate.

We Are Independent

We are based in Rural America and are uniquely positioned to withstand the Internet Hate Mobs.  We won’t silence you just because someone thinks your opinions are bad:
  • Threats to get us fired are pointless.
  • We own the servers we host you on – no one can be pressured to turn you (and us) off.
  • We own our property – our landlord can’t be pressured to cancel our lease.
  • Bandwidth is provided by our rural co-op and the political opinions of the co-op’s staff are aligned with ours.
  • We are located hours from any large city.  Protests and intimidation would be difficult.
  • We are stubborn.  We might disagree with what you say, but we will  defend your right to say it.